Ricardo Valdez

Director, Cinematographer, Editor

The experience in the film and television industries that Ricardo Valdez has gathered through out the years it’s very broad. In the beginning he had the opportunity of working in local television channels in Miami FL in the News Department as camera operator and Editor. This experience taught him to move with extreme speed and to take immediate and effective decisions in order to obtain the proper composition, exposure, and camera movement that is always found in the broadcast cinematography of the highest quality.

Later, he had the opportunity to work in small, medium and large productions in the lighting and camera departments. It was a wonderful opportunity that has allowed him to learn the styles and techniques of experienced lighting directors, cinematographers, and camera operators with over 30 years of professional work.

After several years gathering a vast and invaluable experience Ricardo started to work as Director of photography on several commercial s, feature films, promos, and documentaries.

As Director of Photography Ricardo Valdez always focuses on each project with the utmost respect and commitment. His priority is to acknowledge the source, the idea, the beauty and the power of the natural light, its balance with the lighting design, and the subtle dynamics of an aesthetically pleasing composition and in this way complement with the soul of the story.

His mission is to always continue learning, renewing and translating new and effective techniques, which successfully reflect on each project, and at the same time to presenting new concepts and offer accurate solutions to any new challenge.